Ethiopia Harrar Arrival

Our Harrar from the East Haraghe Highlands has arrived. In the East Haraghe Highlands, coffee trees can be 200 years old and reach up to 16 meters high! This particular lot of coffee was processed using traditional methods. After the cherries are harvested, women crush the coffee in deep wooden pots by hand, and the […]

Tuesday June 2nd: Grounds for Health Specialty Coffee Auction

The Grounds for Health Specialty Coffee Auction is coming up this TUESDAY JUNE 2nd. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to share the gift of health and life with thousands of coffee producing women. Cafe Imports has donated the following 8 bags of our latest favorites to the auction: Burundi Washed Arabica Bwayi Lot 2 […]

Traceability Certificates

Our Costa Microlots packed in GrainPro are here! Along with them came these Traceability Certificates signed by the producers. If you are looking for a relationship coffee, these are a great option with a superb cup. Check out our beanologies and photo album for more information on the specific lots and producers