Noah Leaving for Great Lakes Barista Competition

Posted on March 10th, 2010

I am gearing up to head out for the USBC Great Lakes event this weekend in Milwaukee.  Café Imports is sponsoring the event, and I am looking forward to being part of such an great weekend for a ton of barista talent.  We are really excited to see all the baristas, and word on the street is that this Great Lakes event is going to be the largest one of the year so far.  Alterra is hosting this event and we are happy to be spending the weekend with them.  After talking with the Alterra guys, it sounds like they are renting out a Brazilian restaurant in Milwaukee and even flying in a Brazilian band.  Can’t wait to eat more than one man probably ever should in one sitting.

 It seems to me like this Great Lakes event is going to be a big deal leading up to US Championship in Anaheim in April.  We have upped the stakes a bit for the baristas competing by offering a really awesome prize to the winner:  A trip to origin with Café Imports.  We are going to pay for the winning Barista to fly and lodge with us as we go visit origin most likely this summer.  We feel like this will be a great opportunity to experience a deeper education in sustainable coffee farming and production.  I truly believe that Baristas are so important to our industry because they are last hands to touch coffee before it reaches the end customer.  Without a talented a barista behind the counter, a well grown, meticulously processed, and beautifully roasted bean can be ruined.  Baristas are a vital element of the chain of people that guide coffee from the tree to the cup.  So this is our way of saying we value all that they do for us! 

 Good luck this weekend Great Lakes Baristas!!  We can’t wait to see you all soon!!

 Here is the link to the competition site: //


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