Cafe Imports Pour Over Station

Posted on March 26th, 2010

After doing some research into things people were doing to help them set up pourover stations, we found several ridiculously expensive "pour-over stations" that hold cones.  I mean these things ran all the way up to nearly $300 per station.  So out of a bit of frustration and a underlying need to stick it to the man, we decided that if we tried really hard, we could make an even better one for around $20.

So I set out to a local hardware store on a mission to create a cheap and cool looking pourover station for the office.  I ended up wandering around the plumbing section and realized something pretty awesome could be made using piping and elbows.  I spent about $20 on the station, and now we can run 5 pour overs in one area.  This steel station will last forever.

So I guess the lesson learned here is that often times we and our customers can find cheap and effective ways to serve and brew coffee that can simpifly our lives, make us really cool, and ultimately save us money.  Enjoy guys!










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