Adios, Amanda! Off to Chiapas, Mexico for the summer.

In case you haven’t seen my recent posts about my trip to CESMACH and the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve coffee, I want to let you know that I am heading to the CESMACH coop in Chiapas, Mexico for the summer! Grounds for Health (GFH) and CESMACH have worked as a team for a number of […]

COE Open Cuppings!

Cafe Imports will be hosting open cuppings here at our lab for the Cup of Excellence Auctions from the following countries on the designated dates: 1.  Nicaragua:  Cupping Thursday June 3rd @ 10 AM / Actual auction Wednesday June 9th 2.  El Salvador:  Cupping Friday June 11th @10 AM / Actual auction Thursday June 17th 3.  Honduras:  […]

Mexico El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve Turns 20! New Crop Is Now Available

New crop FTO El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve Mexican is here (ID 2122) with more on the way. The reserve, found in a cloud forest in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Chiapas, Mexico is home to a variety of endangered species, both animal and plant, and is also where the largest watershed in Mexico is located. […]

Cafe Imports Videos Are Here!

We are proud to announce that we have launched our brand new Educational Videos Page!  We at Cafe Imports have set up a video forum on our website that allows us to share rich educational media with you as our customers.  We started with videos that walk through some of the resources on our website, navigation […]

Cafe Imports Partners with Urban Farming!

Cafe Imports is proud to announce they are partnering with Urban Farming by donating used burlap bags to support their cause.  The burlap bags leftover from our green coffee can be used by this organization as a weed preventor in their gardens.  It seems like it is a no brainer that something good should be done […]

Perla Negra

Perla Negra   Ever hear of a Brix Meter?  We think this is pretty cool!   This is Francisca Chacon, an organic coffee farmer from Las Lajas in Costa Rica.  We have 20 bags of her exquisite coffee Perla Negra P2430.  She is holding in her hand a Brix meter, a refractometer that measures sugar […]