Piura to San Ignacio June 2010

We arrived in Piura and headed to the Cepicafe Mill to meet with Daniel and Elias from Cenfrocafe.  Cepicafe is the dry mill that our partner Cenfrocafe uses to mill the coffee and load our containers for shipment.   We sorted out some of the non romantic work of how to get coffees out more efficiently.   We […]

VIDEO: Finca Loch Mayo, Peru

Tim and Noah visit Finca Loch Mayo in Colca Peru.  Here is some great footage from this farm.  Enjoy! Are you on a mobile device? Mobile and Apple Friendly video here: Finca Loch Mayo, Peru from Noah N on Vimeo.

Southern Peru, HVC, and Cafe Verde

Tim and I made it back from the Andes mountains in Southern Peru, and we both thought it was a very productive trip. The landscape in southern Peru is truly breathtaking. Rosa Maria from HVC and K.C. O'Keefe from Cafe Verde were our guides on this trip, and they showed us the projects they are […]

Amanda Safe and Sound at CESMACH

I arrived in Mexico City late last Wednesday night and spent an action filled 4 or 5 days with a variety of different friends I´ve made over the last ten years. I can´t honestly remember the last time I stayed out til 6 but we managed to do so both Friday and Saturday nights. Oops! […]

Noah and Tim C leave for Cusco

Tim C and I are in Miraflores Lima Peru right now getting ready for a 4:30 AM departure to Cusco. We are going to visit Quillabmba to see the HVC mill, then off to Quebrada for the rest of the week. We are excited about the possibilities of this trip, knowing their is potential for […]

Grainpo Container Liners: TRANSAFELINERS

We wanted to let you guys know that we have decided to test out Grainpro's "Transafeliners" on our upcoming Guatemalan Microlot Arrivals.  What are Transafeliners you ask?  Well imagine a thicker grainpro bag the size of a 50ft container (see pictures below).  From www.grainpro.com, "GrainPro’s TranSafelinerTM provides protection against moisture ingress and condensation and simultaneously […]

Thoughts and Prayers with Guatemala

As most of you know, Guatemala was hit very hard this weekend with the Pacaya Volcano erupting followed by the distasterous Tropical Storm Agatha.  We want to extend our thoughts and prayers with all of our friends in Guatemala and pray for a fast recovery from this unfortunate weekend.  We are thinking about all of […]