Recap: Northeast Regional Roasters Retreat in CT!

This weekend was the 5th Annual Northeast Regional Roasters Retreat in Lyme, CT.  Cafe Imports sponsored the event, and our President Andrew Miller was there presenting a very interesting class on Microlots.  Andrew also brought along some preshipment samples of our much anticipated Colombian Microlots and cupped with the roasters that attended the event.  It was an […]

Popeye Had Spinach….Peruvians Have Mote

This video showcases the Peruvian dish "Mote", and probably is a big reason why the Peruvian people are so darn strong! Enjoy a peak into this culture at Origin with Cafe Imports.   Popeye had Spinach…Peruvians have Mote from Noah N on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Hand Sorting…Now That Is Dedication!!

These unbelievably dedicated hand sorters are showing their fast skills in Piura, Peru at CEPICAFE (a partner of CENFROCAFE).  This video is from Tim and Noah's June trip to Peru.  Are you on a mobile device? View mobile video here: VIDEO: Hand Sorting…Now That Is Dedication!! from Noah N on Vimeo.

Cafe Imports CQI Q Grader and SCAA Cupping Judge Certification Course

Just a reminder: Our CQI Q Grader and Cupping Judge Certification Course is right around the corner! Cafe Imports and Brewed Behavior have collaborated to offer a 5 day Q Grader and SCAA Cupper certification the week of August 23rd, 2010. What is a Q Grader? At the backbone of the Q Grading System are Licensed […]

Amanda’s Journey in Mexico

Amanda:  Before I even get started , I ask of you one favor: Take a moment to consider the millions of producers around the world. They work oh-so-hard and are truly undervalued for the aches and hours they put in. They provide you and me with a living wage. They allow us to start our […]

Urban Farming Update

Cafe Imports began partnering with Urban Farming this year as a recipient of our left over burlap bags that accumulate in our warehouse from rebagging.  Urban Farming takes most of our bags, and even some of our customers made the decision to begin to support this wonderful organization.  We couldn't be happier for our customer's repsonse to this cause and we […]