Thoughts and Prayers with Sumatra

On Sunday, Mt. Sinaburg erupted for the first time in over 400 years on the island of Sumatra.  Reports show smoke and ash shooting more than 5000 feet into the air above the giant volcano.     (Photo from We just wanted to extend our thoughts and prayers with the island.  Mt. Sinaburg is on the […]

Recap: Roasters Guild Retreat 2010

This weekend Noah and Jamin took off to Skamania Washington for the 2010 Roasters Guild Retreat. We really enjoyed visiting some of our friends and their shops in Portland before the event and checking out the city Minneapolis ousted at the #1 bike friendly city in the US. I could go off on a tangent […]

Helsar 1st Micro Mill to be CCA Certified!

Cafe Imports wants to congratulate Helsar de Zarcero on being first micromill with a CCA Certification! From CCA: We are proud to announce the 1st. micro mill to be certified CCA (Climate Change Action) by Control Union Certifications: Helsar de Zarcero Micro mill, Llano Bonito de Naranjo, West Valley Region, COSTA RICA. Definitely, Helsar de […]

2010 – The Year of the Microlot

Cafe Imports is Proud to Announce that 2010 Has Been By-Far the Biggest Year Ever for Microlots!   What is a microlot?  We define a microlot as a specific harvest of coffee, usually 10-75 bags that contains exceptionally cared for beans with an elevated level of traceability back to the farm where it came from.  […]

Tim O’Brien’s Trip to Bolivia

Cafe Imports’ Bolivia Trip, July 2010       Boliva for those who have been there is an amazing and diverse country.  It is actually more like 5 countries smashed into one, and once you feel you begin to grasp the complex local cultural customs and politics you move into a new area and then have to […]