The Coffee “Fix”

The Coffee Fix: Depending on where you reside along the coffee trail from farm to cup your perspective of the current “coffee fix” will be very different. For the average consumer needing their morning or afternoon coffee “fix”, many see rising coffee prices as an assault on their basic human right to have cheap coffee. And […]

Chiapas March 2011: El Triunfo coop, CESMACH coop

  Chiapas March 2011:  El Triunfo coop CESMACH coop, Union el Triunfo   By: Tim Chapdelaine   People take back Mexico. The final panel in the extraordinary Diego Rivera Mural in El Palacio Nacional, Ciudad Mexico.   The Diego Rivera mural is magnificent. His friendship with Trotsky and choppy marriage to Frida Kahlo fed his art. This piece, of which […]

South West RBC Recap

This past weekend the South West Regional Barista Competition was held in Hollywood California at Siren Studios.  This was a  nice change of pace for us at Cafe Imports because it was snowing in Minnesota when I left, and I landed in 80s and sunny.  It was a little tough to come back… The judges […]

North Central RBC Recap

The North Central Regional Barista Competition was held in Chicago this year hosted byTorani at Navy Pier.  The event was absolutely chalk full of stellar competitors.  Last year’s US Barista Champion and World Barista Champion Mike Phillips of Intelligentsia came from the former Great Lakes Region; now restructered into the North Central Region.  Andrew, Sally, […]