Northern Grade – Serving Manly Men Doing Man Things

Hand sewn moc toe boots, waxed canvas rucksacks, and custom Pendelton wingtips, all amidst enough swanky antiques to make any eccentric billionaire drop his monocle. If my grandfather was still around, I’m not sure if he’d be thrilled by this move towards heritage brands or confused. (Hint: He was usually confused).Though domestically-made man stuff isn’t […]

Short Staffed this Friday the 21st

We will be very short staffed this Friday Septmeber 21st.  Please plan on trying to place your orders on Thursday the 20th if at all possible.  We appreciate your patience while our staff try to help everyone with limited staff.   If there are any delays in communication, please know it is not normal and […]

Hüsker Brew Party Event Details – September 27th

  Here is a brief RUNDOWN OF EVENTS for this seasonality focused culinary party: THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 27th 5:30 PM – Cupping coffees submitted by roasters from all over the world at our warehouse. Address: 600 Hoover St NE, Minneapolis MN 55413  From the cupping we will then walk or drive a few blocks to our main office… 6:30 PM – […]