Ian’s Rwanda Journals

As a follow up to my earlier Africa post, I’d like to offer up these journals from the second half of my journey. After visiting our partner in Burundi, I was off to Rwanda, a very short flight to the north. Here I would be a juror in the Cup of Excellence competition. I look […]

Husker Brew Recap Through the Eyes of our Newbie!

Three short months ago I worked in social work.  I entered the homes of clients and listened to their stories- stories of struggle, stories of joy – the stories we all live with and don’t share often enough.  I got to laugh with clients, cry with clients, believe in clients and learn from clients.  I […]

Ian’s Burundi Journals

I was recently on a trip to the East African countries of Burundi and Rwanda. It has taken me a little while to get my notes from the trip together, and in fact I am still working on it. However, seeing as we’re hosting public cuppings for both the Burundi and Rwanda Cup of Excellence […]

Africa COE Cupping Schedule – Rwanda and Burundi Cup of Excellence!

Piero from our sourcing department was able to attend the first ever Burundi Cup of Excellence in Burundi earlier this year and Ian from our Sensory Analysis department took part in the Rwanda event, so we are very excited to announce our cupping schedule for these coffees we saw first hand.  We will be hosting public cuppings […]