You’ve heard of soothing wave noise machines right?

This has to be accomplishing the same thing. Swoosh, slurp, swoosh, slurp… Andrew Kopplin of Kopplin’s Coffee cupping at Cafe Imports with his new addition to the family. Congrats from your friends here at Cafe Imports!

Roasters Guild Accepting Coffee for TED Conference!

 Wow, this is an exciting opportunity.  The Roasters Guild is currently accepting coffee submissions for the TED Conference.  Roasters Guild and the Barista Guild are partnering up to provide a coffee experience for the attendees at this annually groundbreaking conference. Consider sending your best to be considered!!    AND my personal favorite TED […]

Barista Champ Stamps: The List!

  We are keeping a running list here of the baristas we are proud to support this competition season that are using coffee sourced in partnership with Cafe Imports.  Good Luck Baristas!    Reagan Petrhan – Parisi: Ecuador, Lucas Vera Vilcabamba Pete Licata – Parisi: Ecuador, Lucas Vera Vilcabamba  Michael Schroeder – Oddly Correct: Kenya, […]

Sulawesi: PT Toarco Jaya

  Sulawesi (Celebes), was influenced and controlled by the Netherlands from 1605 until World War II.  In 1669 the Dutch East India Company took control of the trade in Sulawesi.  The Dutch built Fort Rotterdam in Ujung Pandang (now Makassar) in the mid 1600’s and not until 1905 they finally gained control of the whole island becoming part of […]