VIDEO: The Grounds of Rio Jorco Micromill, Costa Rica

Unbelievably, there is a full obstacle course outside the Rio Jorco micromill in Costa Rica.  Here is a short video of our break time after a long day of cupping and farm visits.   Keep an eye out for these microlots this year! Rio Jorco Fun on the Grounds from Noah N on Vimeo.

Brazil Cup of Excellence Early Harvest Cupping

Polar Vortex got you down? Alternations of heavy snow and freezing cold have you thinking of lighter clothes and warmer suns? We’ve got just the thing. Come and join us for the pre-auction tasting of Brazil’s Cup of Excellence Early Harvest coffees. The Early Harvest auction features some of the best of Brazil’s sundried coffees. […]

VIDEO: Costa Rica – The Coffee of Rio Jorco

Costa Rica – The Coffee of Rio Jorco from Noah N on Vimeo An insight into the coffee world of Costa Rica, this video highlights the testimony of farmers, country-specific processes, and a sense of quality control present at origin. This video was shot using our Fujifilm x100 and GoPro Hero 3. Video shot by […]