Freshly Pic’d: Burundi & Rwanda

As Cafe Imports’ Media-Pro, my mission is to tell the story of where exactly our coffee comes from by creating a visual narrative. Traveling to origin with an objective to properly document and authentically depict the people and places behind the scenes creates a coffee profile above and beyond geo-tags and altitude measurements. For every […]

Cascara: Background, Recipes, and More!

Cascara (Coffee Cherry Tea) is one of those quirky products that most people outside of the barista bubble may not be familiar with. Simply put, it is the coffee cherry skin with the slightest bit of fruit dried and clinging to it. There seems to be a revival of this product being used in all […]

A Conspicuous Lack of Selfies: Apologetics and the New Old Coffees of Sumatra.

Non-Linear Coffee Loops I recently re-read a book on nonlinear dynamics as applied to Euro history over roughly the last thousand years. Basic to this approach is that evolutionary changes are not given as necessary, much less as inevitable, much-much less as advancement, improvement or progress. Evolution as change is affirmed, and radically so. What […]

Get Involved! World Coffee Research – Check Off Fund

Cafe Imports is proud to partner with World Coffee Research to allow our customers to opt-in to a program that allows them to donate .005 (one-half cent) per lb of future orders to fund the amazing research being done at WCR. Cafe Imports will then distribute 100% of the funds to WCR.  If you would […]

Cup of Excellence, Central America 2014 Public Cupping Schedule!

The season is opon us once again, and we at Cafe Imports will be hosting several key cupping of some incredible Cup of Excellence auction coffees. The schedule is as follows.  Please RSVP to if you would like to attend any of these!  El Salvador- Friday, June 6th at 9:30 and 11:00am. Honduras- Friday, […]