Progress Report: Community 2017

“Progress” is the most important word in our vocabulary, as we constantly aim to push forward with our efforts to be engaged in all the areas and with all the people with whom we do our work. Here, we are pleased to share our annual Progress Report: Community 2017, and we hope to capture the momentum at the end of this year and leap head-first into what’s left to be done.

Carmo Best Cup 2017: If We Build It…

”If we build it, they will cup” was our mantra over the many months of planning that went into the first-ever Carmo Best Cup this past September. Read a full report on the competition and the astonishing coffees it brought to the cupping tables, and the perspective shifts the competition revealed to us about microlots in Brazil.

Chalate 2017 – The Project

“Project” is a perfect homonym, because it not only captures the work and careful planning that goes into a task at hand, but it also expresses forward motion, forecasting, prediction—the future. Read more about the present work and future prospects of our Pequeños microlot program in Chalatenango, El Salvador.

When Bad Things Happen to Good Coffee, or Murphy’s Law and Colombia Lately

You might think that after 10 years of working in Colombia—finding the absolute best coffees, meeting top producers, encouraging them to keep after it by paying strong prices, visiting again and again to understand and help them face various challenges—that we might have gotten pretty good at this importing-coffee thing.

Not so fast.