Roasting Concepts

Roasting coffee truly is a craft, the intersection of art and science. Truly becoming a master of any craft is a long and lonely process, one made much easier through collaboration and cooperation. We are about to embark on that process together, through a brand-new free educational video series: Roasting Concepts.

Variety: Unknown

There are still some unknowns in coffee—lots, actually—but this one in particular has us pretty intrigued… If you like mystery stories with a little bit of adventure and a whole lot of 90+ point cups, this might be right up your alley.

The Rest of the Best Cup

Saying “everyone’s a winner” might be a cliché in most instances, but when it comes to the fantastic but not auction-winning coffees we discover at Best Cup events, the saying is actually true—especially for our customers.

We’re Hiring: Coffee Associate, Costa Rica

Cafe Imports’ office in Costa Rica is seeking a full-time Coffee Associate, available to start immediately. This position is designed to act as backup and support to Cafe Imports’ green-coffee buyer who is based out of the office for part of the year, and should expect to work both as part of that small team as well as independently when the green-coffee buyer is traveling. Details inside.

Origin Report: Ethiopia 2018

Times are changing in Ethiopia, and coffee is changing, too: This year marks a lot of transitions both for the farmers and exporters of the world’s oldest coffee-growing country, as well as for Cafe Imports’ presence on the ground there.

One theme seems to stand out for us as we dive into the 2018 harvest in Yirgacheffe, Guji, and Sidama, and that is a look at the past is sometimes the best way to push forward into the future.