A welcome back to Inzá

Inzá is a small town deep in the Central Cordillera mountain range of Southern Colombia. While it’s technically located in the department of Cauca, Inzá sits on the eastern side of the mountain slopes, so its harvest behaves more like neighboring Huila: The main harvest starts in November, and the fly crop or mitaca is in May. It’s a three-hour drive east from Popayán and a four-hour drive west from Pitalito, Huila—way out there in the middle of the hills.

Origin Report: Kenya 2018

Kenyan coffee is undoubtedly some of the most complex in the world—in more ways than one.

Starting with the most obvious, coffees from this beautiful East African country are big, colorful mosaics of flavor, and tasting the best of the best Kenyans can feel like the coffee equivalent of standing directly inside a rainbow with your mouth open, as if you could taste color.

Then there’s the complicated way that the market operates there: Traditionally dominated by the generations-old auction system, buying specific, individual lots is no easy feat, and not for the weak of heart or light of palate.

Perhaps the most complex thing about Kenyan coffee, however, is the set of ethical questions it raises for us, and the challenges it presents to us as a square peg we have spent decades trying to fit into the round hole of traceability, partnership, and consistency.

Open Door: Costa Rica 2018 Dates Announced

The Open Door program was developed in 2017 to allow our customers to visit our Central American office and lab in San José, Costa Rica. Most Fridays from March through May, guests have the opportunity to walk in to our office and join our Costa Rica–based green-coffee buyer, Luis (“Lucho”) Arocha and sales representative Omar Herrera, to cup coffees and hear about the development work with which we have been involved in Costa Rica. Our producing partners regularly join us for these cuppings, offering unique opportunities for calibration and real-time feedback.