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Carissa Du Pree

Accounts Receivable

I have never been a coffee drinker but I have learned a lot. I have most definitely enjoyed the various aromas that I smell in my office as they are roasting coffees.  Often the aromas remind me of buttered popcorn, and sometimes maybe even brownies (so I wish).

I’m the oldest of five children, I have three sisters and one brother.  My poor dad & brother had to put up with five females, although I know that they’d do it all again.  I met my husband, Michael, on June 24, 2000 in the arcade at Valleyfair and married him on June 24, 2005.  We have recently purchased a home in Savage, MN.  I am very excited to set up our new house and make it ‘Our Home’.  I’m thankful that both of our families live in the Twin Cities so we can see them as much as we want.  Did I mention that the best part of living close to family is so that I can spoil my nieces and nephews?  

I took figure skating when I was younger and did alright.  My most memorable moment was when I went to watch the 1998 World’s Figure Skating Championships with my mom.  I have many autographs, pictures and other items I treasure from both of these weekends.