Our People


Charlotte Horton

Office Manger - Europe

Charlotte moved to Berlin in 2013 with the hope of discovering new people, places, and ultimately, new facets of herself. What she has discovered so far is that she is pretty much the same no matter where in the world she goes. It turns out eating cheeseburgers, going on bike adventures, and making friends with stray dogs is at the core of her existence.

Somehow, she was lucky enough to land a job at the European office located in Berlin, a convenient way to practice her German and put her love of coffee to good use. The chance to work with Café Imports has been a true delight. Charlotte is humbled to work with such a dedicated and passionate group of people every day. Furthermore, she is thrilled to be a part of a company dedicated to excellence in the field of Specialty Coffee.

She enjoys live music, great food, sunshine, and is always on the hunt for the perfect Bloody Mary.