Roger Dominguez - Finca La Cueva - Marcala - Catuai (GrainPro)

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This variety-specific offering comes to us courtesy of producer Roger Antonio Dominguez Marquez, of Marcala, Honduras. In the heart of the Montesillos region, Roger's 6 manzanas (1 manzana: 1.72 acres: 0.69 hectares) of land are teeming with Catuai and a mix of many different fruit trees including orange, lemon, and mandarin. Finca la Cueva (the Cave) is named after a cave that exists on the farm, where they believe people lived during pre-Columbian period. Roger has been spending time and energy rejuvenating the farm since it's acquirement in 2010. He has since developed the following methods when it comes time to process the coffee:

Once the cherries are fully ripe, they are harvested by hand and promptly de-pulped. After the de-pulping process, the coffee is set to ferment wet in-tank for a period of 18 hours. It is then washed multiple times and dried for an average period of 15 days, or until it reaches a stable moisture content of 10-11% and water activity range of 50-65°.

Roger plans to continue developing more refined practices for every aspect of Finca La Cueva, specifically innovating in terms of varieties and processes.

For more information on Honduran coffees, visit our Honduras country page.

ID# 9318

Origin Honduras
Region Montesillos
Farm La Cueva
Variety Catuai
Altitude 1350 masl
Proc. Method Washed