A Closer Look at the Farm Select Program

Posted on November 15th, 2019

Earlier this month (October 2019) we announced the establishment of a collaborative project between Cafe Imports and our export partners Banexport in Colombia, called Farm Select, an initiative designed to directly address the coffee-price crisis by creating a new sourcing pathway that not only gives producers more support, stability, and sustainable income, but also allows roasters to make direct impact through their purchases by developing real relationships and long-term contracts that show investment into the future of coffee and coffee farming.
Over the past few months, the Cafe Imports team has been hard at work not only putting the finishing touches on the program itself, sourcing and purchasing eligible coffees, and discussing the future growth and expansion of the Farm Select model, but also working on some materials to help our customers (and your customers) understand the significance behind this holistic and farmer-focused collaboration.
We’d love to hear your thoughts and to match you with the Farm Select coffee that meets your needs. Feel free to reach out to your sales representative or sales@cafeimports.com for more information or to tell us what you think.