We’ve reduced the price on lots from Tega & Tula in Ethiopia, and here’s why.

Posted on April 24th, 2020

“Partnership doesn’t mean you just stick around when things are good. It means for better or worse”

-Andrew Miller, Founder, Cafe Imports

One thing we don’t normally do is offer discounts or have “sales” on green coffee, because we believe in trying to set a fair price for all of our partners—from the farmer to the exporter to the roaster—from the moment we contract the coffee. We’re living in unusual times, however, and we’re announcing our first-ever blanket discount on all of our current spot coffees from Tega & Tula Farm in Limu, Ethiopia. The price has been reduced on all of the bags in our inventory to $7.50 USD/kg at this time.

Here’s why we’re doing this.

One of the biggest challenges we’re facing at the moment is that the worldwide slowdown in coffee business is happening during the transition between crop years, which means there are some coffees we still have in-stock while fresh crop is ready to ship. It’s an awkward situation to be in.

We believe that coffee doesn’t function in a supply “chain,” but rather more of a circuit: The energy, effort, and dedication needs to go full circle in order to be sustainable and fully operational. In order to do our work well, we need to consider all of our partners along that circuit—including, of course, the producer.

Coffees from Tega & Tula Farm is an example of that challenge playing out: For the past several years, we have partnered with Ahadu Woubshet to buy his entire production because we’ve been amazed by his ingenuity as a farmer and his integrity as a businessman who re-invests not only in his own land but also in his community. He’s built schools and roads, pays his workers higher wages than is customary, takes the lead on conservation efforts, and has even set up a college scholarship program for young women from the villages of Tega and Tula.

These coffees are still performing beautifully, with notes like sugar cane, plum, green apple, panela—some of our favourite flavours from that region. Single-producer coffees from Ethiopia are difficult to come by, and these are certified organic, to boot. Ahadu has gone the extra mile to create traceability down to the subplot—a degree of specificity that allows our customers to pinpoint exactly which lots on the farm create the kind of magical cups they want. This discount has nothing whatever to do with the quality of the coffees—simply the volume.

We’re committed to honour the new contracts we have in place with Ahadu, for coffees that are due to land this spring—because that’s what partnership means—but to be frank, it would be a lot easier both us and Ahadu if we could sell out of what we already have before the new coffees arrive. Hence, the discount.

You can help us complete this circuit and grab yourself some really delicious coffees.

If you’re looking for an Ethiopian coffee right now, we might point you to these lovely numbers, and you can know you’re not only getting an incredible price on some beautiful coffees, but you’re also helping us to maintain the connection and commitment that true partnership requires. 

P13510 – Tega & Tula Farm Sublot 008-1A – Washed – Grade 1 (CBC ET-BIO-149): Very floral and sugary with bergamot, caramel, lime and berry; balanced, soft and juicy with fruit acidity and a smooth sugary mouthfeel.

P13511 – Tega & Tula Farm Sublot 008-2AVery floral and sugary with bergamot, caramel, lime and berry; balanced, soft and juicy with fruit acidity and a smooth sugary mouthfeel.