Watch our web-hosted discussion Special Topics: Anaerobic Fermentation!

Posted on May 16th, 2023

Enjoy our latest educational talk!

We held our first Special Topics on April 4th, 2023. This was our first entry into a new webinar series designed for teaching, learning, connection, and discussion. At Cafe Imports, we consider ourselves students of this dynamic plant and industry and hope these webinars provide an opportunity for continued education. In the near future, we’ll host Special Topics on all things interesting, important, timely, or nerdy, and we invite you to join the conversation!

For all those who weren’t able to attend in real time, we’ve uploaded the recording. We want to make education accessible and believe a public forum is a wonderful way of doing so. We hope you enjoy learning alongside us.

This Special Topics was about one of coffee production’s more recent processing developments – anaerobic fermentation. Its trending popularity in specialty coffee led us to produce this video, which we also recommend watching!

Our speakers were Café Import’s staff and resident experts in their fields, contributing to the conversation through their unique lens. Dr. Taya Brown is our production researcher and educator. Omar Harerra is one of our green buyers, heavily focused on Colombia. Ian Fretheim is our Director of Sensory Analysis. Educator Dylan Siemens moderates the discussion.

A few of the key talking points:

  • What is anaerobic fermentation? What is it not?
  • How do we speak more accurately about this step in a coffee’s process?
  • What is required to produce these coffees? What are the benefits and challenges for the producer?
  • What role does this processing step play in a coffee’s valuation?
  • What conclusions can be drawn about the impact on the cup?

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