An Interview with Ahadu Woubshet, owner of Tega & Tula Specialty Coffee Farms

Posted on September 5th, 2023

Tega & Tula is one of Ethiopia’s oldest estates and an anchor relationship for Cafe Imports. Under the direction of Ahadu Woubshet since 2015, the farm has been revitalized for specialty coffee production. Last November, we had the opportunity to visit the farm during our sourcing travel and speak with Ahadu. His vision is that Tega & Tula be an exceptional Ethiopian farm. He related four principles that guide the team toward that goal: build infrastructure that is in harmony with the environment, use professional oversight to achieve operational excellence, be equitable toward all in their production chain, and take care of the community that takes care of them.

We’re honored to share Tega & Tula’s voice and coffees with you.