Our sales team can walk you through the process of buying coffees, either spot orders from what is currently available in our warehouse, period contracting for larger chops of particular lots over a certain duration, or forward-booking coffees that haven’t arrived yet. We can also make suggestions for you based on your needs, paying special attention to coffee types, flavour profiles, certifications and traceability, price, and volume.

We accept orders by phone at +49(0)30 69534436, or by e-mail, either by directly contacting your sales representative, or by sending a message to

Pricing and availability for our current inventory is available by phone or e-mail. We are also happy to discuss potential participation in the World Coffee Research check-off fund.

While we have no minimum order, we trade solely in full-bag quantities of coffee. 


We require payment in advance of delivery on the first three (3) orders, after which we are more than happy to discuss establishing credit terms with us. We accept payment by wire transfer.


We currently store coffee in two European warehouses, and we are happy to arrange shipping from either one to our customers throughout Europe. Storage of your contracted coffees can be easily built into the contract price at very low cost. We are also able to arrange shipment of full-container loads directly from origin to your own warehousing facility or location, if need be.



Q: What is the minimum size of order you will ship?


A: There is no minimum order: We’re as happy to ship a single bag as we are to ship 100. (Though shipping rates are more economical on full-pallet orders.)


Q: How do full bags of coffee ship?


A: Full bags of coffee (59–70kg) will be stacked, wrapped, and strapped onto a wooden pallet. Even single-bag orders will typically need to be shipped on a pallet. The coffee is palletized in our warehouses, and we routinely inspect the quality as well as provide customer support upon receipt of the pallet.


Q: Can I arrange my own shipping?


A: Sure! Simply inform your sales representative that you would like to elect your own freight carrier when placing your order.


Q: What size are your pallets?


A: Orders are processed on standard EUR-pallets, which are 120cm x 80cm x14.4cm and weigh 20-25kgs each.


Q: How many bags can fit on a pallet?


A: Depending on the size of the coffee bags, we can generally fit 10 bags on each pallet


Q: What should I do when the delivery arrives?


A: Before you sign off on the delivery release for any shipment of coffee, thoroughly inspect the pallet and the bags on it. If there is any damage or any discrepancies between what is delivered and what is on your delivery order, do not sign the driver’s paperwork. Simply e-mail your sales representative or for assistance. When in doubt, take a photograph of the damage as soon as possible.

Additionally, be aware that extra services and accessories provided by the driver may result in additional fees: The use of a lift gate upon delivery, for instance, can incur additional costs. Be sure to communicate with the delivery person, and confirm that the documents you sign list only the accessories you authorize.


Q: What do I do if there is damage or another problem with my delivery?


A: We are dedicated to full customer service, and want you to be completely satisfied with the coffees you receive from us. If you have any questions or concerns about an order you have received, don’t hesitate to let us know via e-mail to, and we will do our level best to make it right.


Not seeing the question you need answered? Contact us, and we are happy to help!


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