Our People


Mascha Häupl

European Office Administrator and Customer Service

"My main accomplishment is achieving peace and happiness. Sometimes you think it's success, and you think that it's being a big star. But I want respect, and I want friendship and love and laughter, and I want to grow."

From her early childhood she wanted to be more than a performer: she wanted to be a superstar. By the age of twenty-one, she had reached that goal, becoming world-famous not just in her chosen field of singing but also as an actress…. Is what it would say if this was Beyoncé’s biography. Except for the quote which could easily be something Mascha would say, forget the rest.

Mascha was born in a small town in the Franconian part of Germany where the days are long and the sausages are longer.

After a 4-year stopover in Nuremberg where she tried to study economics at the University she made her way to Berlin to become a professional dancer. “Professional” meaning wearing tights and a leotard while making coffee. The passion for dance was and will always be with her but the focus shifted over more to coffee, healthy living and nutrition in the end, thanks to the Berlin based Coffee Shop “Goodies”. There she got her training as a Barista, worked as an Area Manager and helped expanding their philosophy with opening new stores throughout Germany. With her friend Simone and her brother Florian she started Germany’s first Cold Brew Company “Good Spirits” in 2014, spreading the love and consciousness for good coffee.

Hanging out at various coffee events in Berlin and Europe she got to know Café Imports and was very excited hearing about the job offer at the European office as they share the vision of enriching the world with high quality coffee on an environmental friendly basis.

In addition to the daily tasks as a customer service representative her main responsibility is to take over the phone when German Bureaucracy is calling.