Our People


Ziru Mo

Sensory Analysis Assistant

Born in an idyllic tourist town in China, Ziru moved to the metropolis of Shanghai at the age of 8. Living in a big city allowed her to explore different ideas and cultures, and she was curious about studying in the United States. By chance, she went to high school in Louisiana and then decided to continue studying in the United States. Ziru received her bachelor's degree in statistics focusing on food science, with a minor in geographic information systems (GIS) at UC Davis in 2019. Immediately after, she moved to Minneapolis to work with Cafe Imports.

Her interest in coffee can be traced back to middle school, when she won second prize in an innovation contest by making effervescent coffee tablets. Although it was taking the coffee seminar classes in college that really got her interested in the specialty coffee-industry, and it helped her decide to join the UC Davis Coffee Center. She assisted in research projects related to coffee extraction and sensory science. At the 2019 SCA Expo’s poster session she presented the research of her own. She thought coffee is the perfect combination of art and science, and this is the reason she is always passionate about learning new things in coffee.

 Moving from place to place leaves her with a sense of appreciation for exploration. Off work, you can always see her busy doing all kinds of things. Sometimes she might walk around the city, take photos and taste wines; other times she might sit at a coffee shop reading articles. Or she probably in her apartment, take care of her urban jungle.  Other than coffee, she also have a wide range of hobbies, including plants, rollerblading, art, travel, and photography. You can check out what she has been shooting at ziruphoto.wixsite.com/lostinspace. Her Instagram account is mmmmmzr07.