Lo Mejor de Mexico #3 by Grupo de Productores Ixhuatlan (GrainPro)

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The producers behind this mixed lot are Silvano Delin Reynoso, Ranulfo Felipe Delin Alcantara, and Flavia Clicelia Reynoso Vichique

These farms are in the community of Ixhuatlan. 

The grandparents of Delin planted coffee in 1960, before that they worked as a sugarcane laborers. 

150 plants were planted on their first property.

They ultimately passed on cultivating coffee to his children. Plantain is their second economic income. They also have Nopal, a cactus. 

A nursery was planted due to problems with the plants. 

Delin spent 8 years working in Canada but felt too far away from his home, and found a way back to work in coffee, and now his farms are some of the best in the region.

Delin believes in strong connection between a respect for mother nature and coffee quaity producer.

There are 10 hectares are planted with coffee and production is 35 quinatales per hectare. Avg tree life is 9 years.

These farms are Rainforest Certified.  They give employment to 4 local families for picking, and three people for help in cultivating.

They select only ripe cherries, and are very disciplined.  

They pay their pickers a higher wage than the regular wages in the region. 

The majority of pickings are brought to the local wet mill for processing, and around 10% is processed manually on the farm.

They are looking to add value to their product by combining lots together with other local quality producers, hence this lot!

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ID# 6216

Origin Mexico
Region Ixhuatlán del Café, Veracruz
Farm La Barranca, El Chorro, Bambú, Fresnal
Variety Borbon, Garnica, Caturra, Tipica
Altitude 1200M
Proc. Method Fully Washed