Colombia Update

Posted on May 13th, 2021

The nation of Colombia has been in a state of national strike for two weeks. As we work in the world of coffee, we know very well how annual strikes led by truckers and port workers can and always have directly affected the supply-chain timelines in regards to the movement of coffee from producing regions and through the ports.

With that said, the current state of affairs the people of Colombia are experiencing is very different. We cannot assume to understand the complex and sensitive elements that have contributed to the current reality in Colombia. Many of our dearest friends are in the midst of a very intense and uprooting time.  Although it can make no difference what we say, we want you to know that we are listening and we are standing for a peaceful and progressive resolution for the people of Colombia.

Through asking and listening to our partners, counterparties and friends throughout coffee-producing regions, we have gathered a general sense of how these ongoing events are impacting their lives as it pertains to specialty coffee:

  • Many coffee producers have not been able to reach purchasing points to deliver and sell their coffees.
  • The delivery of coffee from purchasing points to dry mills is at a standstill.
  • There is no way to transport milled coffee for export as the main roads to both the Pacific and Atlantic ports from the Southwest of Colombia are blocked.
  • The main port of Buenaventura is completely shut down and no trucks are permitted to enter except for delivering supplies.
  • As no goods can be exported, bookings with shipping lines are being rolled to June which means high congestion and lack of available bookings.

Given these circumstances we expect a 3-4 week minimum delay in the movement of Colombian coffee at his current point in time. Our logistics and green-buying teams are in daily communications with our partners in Colombia as we do all that we can to honor our relationships. We will be providing an updated report in conjunction with any future developments.