Introducing ed+u by Cafe Imports

Posted on October 20th, 2023

ed+u by Cafe Imports: coffee education for everyone

ed+u is a brand-new coffee education platform offering classes and class materials, completely free and open source, designed to learn and teach from. The goal of ed+u is to create a robust, up-to-date, fact-based curriculum that dives into each step of the supply chain. We aspire to provide new coffee professionals and enthusiasts with a clear route for growing their coffee knowledge. For seasoned professionals, a source for strengthening their own training program and teaching skillset.


On the new ed+u homepage, you can:

  • Join live classes
  • Watch previous class recordings
  • Download the presentation and its supporting documents
  • Attend Train-The-Trainer courses to learn how to teach the class yourself.

ed+u kicks off with LIVE classes on Thursday, October 26

We’ll be hosting the first ed+u class live this Thursday! After the first class is done, the ed+u homepage will be live with the class’s resources ready to download. What’s the first class?

Coffee Is: A Plant is the first in a 6-part series called Coffee Is: that examines the industry in broad strokes – like an extended version of a traditional Seed To Cup course. In this first class, we will learn:

  • coffee taxonomy + anatomy
  • differences between C. arabica + C. canephora
  • C. arabica’s speciation, expansion + problem
  • four major C. arabica variety groups
  • characteristics of coffee’s habitat
  • where coffee is produced + imported
  • the importance of expanding our definition of coffee

Join one of our first classes:

The class will be hosted on Teams and is open to anyone! We’d appreciate you sharing the event links with any friends or colleagues!

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We can’t wait to learn, teach, and grow together. See you Thursday!