New Videos Available in our Coffee Profiles

Posted on February 2nd, 2024

As of last year, Cafe Imports sourced coffee from 112 producing partners or organizations throughout 25 different countries. Our green buying team focuses on finding quality coffees through our stratified buying framework (learn more about that here) while developing programs that encourage premium-based, traceable, long-term partnerships. These relationships go beyond the point of purchase, though. Familiarity with our partners allows us to better understand the strengths, circumstances, and needs of the producers we proudly purchase from.

We’re driven to spread our passion for the beautiful coffees cultivated worldwide, so we set up a camera and conversed with each green buyer about nine different producing countries. Learn more about our sourcing ethos, the distinguishing characteristics of each country, and the shared passion between the green buyers and producers of those origins.

Our coffee profiles (what we lovingly call “Beanologies”) are constantly updated to provide you with more robust information and downloadable media, including these new videos. Click through each tab in your favorite offerings to learn more about the producers, processes, and countries. Want to view the videos all in one place? Follow the button here: