Colombia Best Cup

September 23–30, 2019

Colombia is a special place to us in general at Cafe Imports, but it’s also the coffee-growing country where the Best Cup competition was born: Along with our partners at Banexport, we created this regional competition to highlight the best and brightest within several of the country’s specific growing areas, beginning with Cauca and Huila. Last year, we expanded our reach to the Nariño and Tolima departments in order to discover even more top-shelf lots from the world’s best smallholder producers, and this year we’ll have the same four-Department contest.
Best Cup participants will cup through and rank the top 15 microlots, as well as have the opportunity to taste and select FCL workhorse, Regional Select, and Variety Select coffees in an attempt to support the supply chain and to assist roasters in building their menus for the coming harvest season. Producers will be on-hand to celebrate at the live auction at the end of the event.
We look forward to hosting you in Colombia and hope you will join us.


Monday, September 23

Arrival to El Dorado International Airport (BOG) in Bogotá, stay overnight at Aloft hotel.

Tuesday, September 24

Group flight from BOG to Popayán PPN (Avianca flight AV4875 @ 12:28 pm).

1:00 pm – Check into Dann Monasterio Hotel

2:00 pm – Welcome toast at Hotel Dann Monasterio Cupping room

3:00 pm – Popayán Historical Tour

7:00 pm – Welcome dinner.

Wednesday, September 25 

8:00 am Breakfast at Dann Monasterio Hotel

9:00 am – Calibration Table 1 (Gran Galopes, Regional Selects and Microlots)

9:30 am Discussion Calibration Table

10:00 am – Cupping Table 2 (Regional Selects and Gran Galopes)

10:45 am Discussion

11:15 am – Cupping Table 3 (Farm Select)

12:00 pm Discussion

1:00 pm – Lunch at Corrales y Peroles restaurant

2:30 pm – Farm Visit – Andres Roldan – Cajibio, Cauca

7:00 pm Dinner at Carantata Restaurant

Thursday, September 26

8:00 am Breakfast at Dann Monasterio Hotel

9:00 am – Cupping Table 4 (10 lots of top 30)

9:30 am Discussion

10:00 am – Cupping Table 5 (10 lots of top 30)

10:45 am Discussion

11:30 am – Cupping Table 6  (10 lots of top 30)

12:15 pm Discussion

1:30 pm – Lunch at El Sabio Restaurant

2:30 pm – Farm Visit Juan Martin – Sotara

6:00 pm Dinner BBQ at Finca Juan Martin

Friday, September 27 

8:00 am Breakfast at Hotel Dann Monasterio

9:00 am – Cupping Table 7 – Top 15 (8 lots)

9:30 am Discussion

10:00 am – Cupping Table 8  Top 15 (7 lots)

10:45 am Discussion

11:15 am – Cupping Table 9  (Variety specific & Processes, 10 samples)

12:00 pm Discussion

1:00 pm – Lunch at Hotel Dann Monasterio

2:30 pm – Farm Visit – La Clarita, Tirsa Montilla – Sotara

6:00 pm Dinner with producers at Teresa Pone la Mesa Restaurant

7:00 pm Salsa party at Discoteca New York

Saturday, September 28

9:00 am – Breakfast at Icono Crepes y Cafe

1:00 pm – Lunch at Hotel Dann Monasterio

2:00 pm – Auction at Puente del Humilladero, Popayán Center

8:30 pm Dinner and Closing party at Hotel Dann Monasterio

Sunday, September 29

9:00 am – Breakfast at Hotel Dann Monasterio

12:00pm Checkout

Group flight from PPN to BOG (Avianca flight AV4872 @14:32), stay overnight at Aloft hotel.

Monday, September 30

Departure from BOG.


Trip attendees will be responsible for:

• Booking/cost of international flights to and from Colombia.

• Booking/cost of domestic flights between Bogotá and Popayán.

• Cost of lodging: Approximately $500 USD for the week

• Souvenirs and other incidentals.

• Cafe Imports will cover group meals and ground transport. Individuals may arrange private meals or transportation for themselves at their own expense.


International flights (approximately $800–$1,000 USD)

The international arrival/departure airport is BOG – El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá

Domestic flights (approximately $200 USD)

There will be one round trip in-country flight between BOG and PPN – Guillermo León Valencia Airport in Popayán

Trip Attendees must book these exact in-country flights through

Avianca flight AV4875 – Bogotá, El Dorado International (BOG) to Popayán, Guillermo León Valencia (PPN), Sep 24 at 12:28pm.

Avianca flight AV4872 – Popayán, Guillermo León Valencia (PPN) to Bogotá, El Dorado International (BOG) Sep 29 at 2:32pm.

• Trip attendees are responsible for booking their own international and domestic flights.


Aloft Bogotá Airport hotel – Avenida Calle 26 #92 – 32 Bogota, Colombia – +57 1 742 7070

Hotel San Martin – Carrera 9 #18N-40, Popayán, Cauca, Colombia – +57 318 3436673

• Trip attendees will be responsible for booking the Aloft Bogotá airport hotel, for the first (Sep 24) and last night (Sep 29). The Cafe Imports team will arrange hotel accommodations for the rest of the trip, to be paid by attendees upon check-in.


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