October 1st–7th, 2023

Most of our travel every year is sourcing. We spend these days in cupping labs, visiting farms, and speaking directly with producers and exporters about the year’s harvest and what is available for purchase. You’re invited to source with us at the heart of specialty coffee in Brazil – the state of Minas Gerais. Attendees will visit multiple farms that work with two of our Brazil partners, CarmoCoffees and Bourbon Coffees. You’ll cup and book fresh crop microlots and larger regional production lots while cultivating relationships with the people behind the offerings.

CarmoCoffees and Bourbon Coffees

We have worked alongside CarmoCoffees and Bourbon Coffees for many years. Regarding traceability, innovation, sustainability, and philanthropy, they are leaders in Brazil’s specialty coffee world. They focus on empowering their partner producers by offering innovative processing, training for sustainable agriculture, and marketing the offerings. On this trip, we will tour their world-class warehouses and labs, cupping fresh crop offerings along the way. Come taste what Brazil’s best is offering this harvest.

Bourbon Coffees

Bourbon Coffees was founded by two cousins whose immediate families are coffee producers. After winning competitions with their lots in 1999, they started Bourbon Coffees. They began working with producers throughout Vale da Grama and Pocos de Caldas, improving the region’s processing, implementing sustainable practices, and hosting local quality contests. Today, they work with over 2,000 producers via six regional labs. They offer the technology and knowledge needed to increase quality standards, elevating the entire community’s livelihoods. Bourbon Coffees pioneered specialty coffee producer associations in Brazil, and the offerings are proof of their incredible work.


CarmoCoffees is the fourth generation in a family of coffee producers whose mission is clear: transform the small country-side state of Carmo de Minas into Brazil’s leading producer of high-quality coffees. They are succeeding. There are over 2,000 individual producers in the state today, and coffees from the region have taken first in every Brazilian Cup of Excellence for the past 15 years.  CarmoCoffees has pioneered many post-harvest processes in the area, and through their partnerships, producers can apply these innovative techniques to their own coffee. Outside of coffee, CarmoCoffees operates a project called CriaCarmo, which provides sports leagues and educational programs for over 200 children in the region.

Trip Details


Attendees are responsible for booking all flights and hotel stays in Sao Paulo on October 1 and 6. Cafe Imports will book all other hotels, but attendees are responsible for the cost upon check-out. See TRAVEL BOOKING AND DETAILS for more information.

Sunday, October 1 – Arrive in São Paulo

Monday, October 2 – Transport to São Lourenço

  • 8am: Depart to São Lourenço
  • Visit CarmoCoffees warehouse if time allows

Tuesday, October 3 – CarmoCoffees

Wednesday, October 4 – Depart CarmoCoffees

  • AM: Cupping at CarmoCoffees Warehouse
  • PM: Depart to Pocos de Caldas

Thursday, October 5 – Bourbon Coffees

  • AM: Cupping at Bourbon Coffees Office
  • PM: Farm visits

Friday, October 6 – Depart Bourbon Coffees

Saturday, October 7 – Depart from São Paulo

  • Flight (attendee-booked): Depart from São Paulo-Guarulhos Intl Airport (GRU)


Trip attendees are responsible for the following:

Booking/cost of international flights to and from São Paulo (GRU – São Paulo-Guarulhos Intl Airport)

  • Arrive on October 1
  • Depart on October 7

Booking/cost of 1-night stay at São Paulo Airport Marriott Hotel, October 1-2

Booking/cost of 1-night stay at São Paulo Airport Marriott Hotel, October 6-7

Cost of all in-region hotels in São Lourenço and Pocos de Caldas (October 2-6) upon checkout.

  • Expect ~60 USD per night
  • Cafe Imports will make reservations.

Cafe Imports will cover group meals and ground transport. Individuals may arrange private meals or transportation for themselves at their own expense. Reach out to us if you have any questions about the booking details.


Connect with Cafe Imports to RSVP.

For more information and/or to reserve your spot, e-mail your sales representative or:

We are approaching this trip with a farm visit-focused agenda and a somewhat flexible schedule for cupping. Attendees will experience a harvest season in Brazil and learn how coffee is picked, processed, and commercialized. Extensive cupping and sourcing experience is not required to attend, but please be advised that Sourcing trips are designed around roasters’ intent to identify and pre-book coffees for their upcoming menus.

Cafe Imports Staff

Bea Macias

Sourcing Liaison

Resource Mission:
To partner with our roaster clients to share experience and knowledge at the ground level, and to build and nurture relationships in coffee-growing regions worldwide in an effort to advance the craft of specialty coffee, from the farm all the way to the café.