Our People

Dan Jensen

Senior Sales - Asia

Dan has been interested in coffee ever since he can remember. Dan first traveled to Italy in his mother’s womb, and on this trip his parents bought a Pavoni manual espresso machine. They used the machine to make coffee at dinner parties throughout his childhood in Seattle, and Dan remembers playing with the finicky machine, trying to make the coffee taste better and better, serving coffee for his parents and their friends.

After graduating from Carleton College, Dan moved to Minneapolis to work as a research assistant in the psychiatry department at the University of Minnesota. Even while studying the brain regions of adolescents with schizophrenia, Dan’s passion for coffee stayed with him, and he found himself continuously reading and thinking about coffee. His colleagues at the University of Minnesota will probably remember the coffee station Dan had set up in his office where they often visited him for a good cup of coffee, avoiding the hospital concession.

His work in psychiatry was a natural stepping stone for a career in coffee. Dan, who always admired Cafe Imports, feels incredibly happy to have joined the team in the spring of 2013. He is most excited about the opportunity to meet and learn about coffee from such an inspiring group of people, and he says Cafe Imports is the best place in the world to do this. He has enjoyed coffee tasting and exploring how to evaluate coffee, as well as learning more about how coffee gets from crop to cup, and he looks forward to continued learning experiences.

Dan currently resides in a colorful Minneapolis duplex with his wife, Elizabeth, and they enjoy cooking, cloudy weather, curing meat, soccer, making interesting cocktails with egg whites, and introducing friends to new experiences with food and specialty coffee.

You can follow him on Instagram @jandensen and Twitter @jandensen.