Education is at the core of everything we do.

Our role in the specialty-coffee industry allows us to be students and teachers in every facet of the chain, from the producer level all the way to the barista. We believe that paying forward with experiences, knowledge, and learning is the key to our industry progressing as a whole, and as such we are committed to sharing whatever we have and whatever we know.

Our staff is extremely involved in trade-wide educational efforts, including volunteering with the SCA, BGA, and Roasters Guild; hosting sessions at SCA Symposium; speaking, teaching, and presenting at regional events; and participating in learning opportunities worldwide. Our international staff has held various executive level positions within every major industry organization or association over the years, and we have contributed in developing much of the core curriculum these organizations currently use in their programs.

The educational materials available on this platform are here for you to use and share, and we hope that you will take advantage of this free and open opportunity to learn with us as we continue to explore and experience specialty coffee. Enjoy!