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Coffee Fest Los Angeles 2019

Los Angelenos (and anyone else traveling to SoCal for Coffee Fest), we have got an action-packed few days in store for you during Coffee Fest LA, starting next weekend! There will be heaps of chances for you to spend quality time with your friends from Cafe Imports including taking classes and attending seminars during the show, asking questions of a panel of roasters during Stump the Roaster, eating iced cream and learning about green coffee and roasting with us and our pals at Mill City Roasters, and even just hanging out with us after-hours for some good ol’ fashioned coffee fun.
Check out all of our events and goings on below, and make sure you find us and say hi!

Stump the Roaster:

A Focused Conversation About Roasting Coffee

Sunday 8/25, 12:45–2pm
Room: 408B in the LA Convention Center
Stump the Roaster is a focused conversation about coffee roasting, moderated by Omar Herrera of Cafe Imports and featuring a diverse panel of professional coffee roasters, representing a spectrum of company sizes, styles, and experience levels. Audience questions are welcomed and encouraged. *Event is free to attend for all registered Coffee Fest attendees*.
O.M. Miles, IKAWA Coffee
Joe Marrocco, Mill City Roasters
José Ochoa, LAMILL Coffee
Andrew Phillips, Rose Park Roasters
Carlos Figueroa, City Bean

Ice Cream Social with Mill City Roasters and the #BigRedRoastRig:

Monday 8/26, 4:00pm

At the Big Red Roast Rig

We detect notes of sprinkles and hot fudge, and you will too if you join us and Mill City Roasters for an ice cream social — just the thing to beat the late-summer heat. In addition to building yourself a dream sundae, you can learn about building a dream espresso blend while you’re at it: It will be the perfect chance to ask questions about green-coffee sourcing and blending, as well as roasting from your pals at Mill City Roasters and Cafe Imports.
Last one to the truck gets a brain freeze!

Two Brews & a Lie

Sunday 8/25, 7-11pm
@ Coffeehall at the Container Yard
400 Seaton St. #1 , Los Angeles, CA 90013
Free Drinks – Food Available for Purchase
Emcees: Omar Herrera of Cafe Imports, Kimiyo Heider of IKAWA Coffee
Presented with Unity Coffee Roasters 

Coffee & Donuts with IKAWA Coffee

Monday 8/26, 10am–noon
3821 S Santa Fe Ave, Vernon, CA 90058
Join us at the new Pulley Collective LA with our friends from IKAWA on the morning of 8/26 before you head to the Coffee Fest show floor! We’ll cup through a fresh selection of some of CI’s latest favorites roasted by Kimiyo Heider on the IKAWA Pro V3. After we cup, have a donut with us as we talk coffee and demo roast profiles on the IKAWA Pro V3.

Cafe Imports Seminars and Workshops at Coffee Fest

*These require registering for Coffee Fest. All are hosted by Ever Meister.*

Supply Chain Basics & Buying Green Coffee
Sunday 8/25, 8:55–10am
Room: 408A
Session Price – free with Coffee Fest registration
This seminar explores some of the diversity of the coffee supply chain in different buying relationships, and what to expect when you’re expecting to buy green coffee. We’ll discuss various buying strategies including whether Direct Trade is right for you, and break down some of the contract and trading terms to make everything just a little more approachable.

Education Pit Stop: Is Roasting Right For You?
Sunday 8/25, 3-3:30pm
Room: Booth #1758
Session Price – free with Coffee Fest registration
What are the benefits and drawbacks of roasting your own coffee? Is roasting the right choice for your business either right now or sometime in the future? This session is perfect for cafe and restaurant owners, as well as anyone who is considering whether or not to pursue custom-roasting coffee.

Introduction to Tasting Concepts: Understanding Flavor in Coffee
Monday 8/26, 2–4pm
Room: 404A
Session Price $49.00
In this hands-on class, attendees will have the opportunity to explore the differences between taste and flavor, learn how to identify and describe them in coffee, and begin to understand how roasting, blending, and even brewing can create and manipulate the flavors found in coffee. This class is a combination of lecture, tasting exercises, and presentation, and no cupping experience is required.

Advanced Tasting Concepts: Coffee Flavor and Calibration
Tuesday 8/27, 11am–1pm
Room: 404A
Session Price $49.00
What do coffee tasters mean when they say that coffee tastes like chocolate, nuts, flowers, fruit, or other nuanced flavors? In this hands-on class, attendees will briefly review the material from Introduction to Tasting Concepts before diving into coffee-tasting exercises designed to assist in the development of coffee-tasting language, higher-level coffee flavor concepts, and calibration, including advanced exercises such as triangulation and cup scoring. ** Introduction to Tasting Concepts is required to take this course. **