Our People

Kate Brown

Systems & Software Development

Kate grew up in the Midwest, spending an inordinate amount of time reading books about murder and mayhem, fighting with her three siblings, and captaining her Mock Trial team. As a senior in high school, she visited the University of Wisconsin – Madison on the one warm, sunny day of the year they have and decided to attend college there. She then spent four years hiking up and down freezing hills covered with snow while earning a business degree.

 After getting her CPA license, Kate spent several years helping big companies restructure their international operations. Which really meant doing math, making spreadsheets, and sitting on conference calls. In 2014 she was ready for something new and joined Café Imports as part of the customer service team. If she hadn’t been sold on the people (which she was), the beautiful espresso machine that greeted her every morning when she walked into the building would have done the trick. She worked her way through a variety of roles before landing in her current one, which is essentially to say, “Heck yes, we can,” when asked, “Do you think we can (insert crazy computer-related idea)?”

 Along the way, she got married and had two fun, high-energy kids. In 2022 the Minnesota winters finally drove them out of the state, and they relocated to North Carolina, where she can be found grinning like a fool while stepping out of the house sans jacket 85% of the year. In her “spare” time, Kate loves stealing a few silent, pre-dawn (pre-kid) hours to do some coding and drink that first vital cup of coffee, binge-watching cooking competition shows, and hiking around her new home state.