Come on in!

The Open Door program was developed in 2017 to allow our customers to visit our Central American office and lab in San José, Costa Rica, and for the 2019 season we are pleased to offer Open Door dates at both our Costa Rican and Ethiopian offices.

Cuppings are available most Fridays during the post-harvest season, and guests will have the opportunity to cup alongside Cafe Imports office staff, and frequently with producers and export partners as well. Samples for specific coffees or lots can be arranged with advance notice, and with our Costa Rican partners, occasional farm and mill visits can be scheduled upon request. 

Visitors to our international sourcing offices will return home with a better understanding of coffee farming and processing in those respective countries, and they will also have had the opportunity to cup through, select, and forward book coffees from the fresh crop before the lots even go AFLOAT.

See below for the current Open Door opportunities available, and for more information about reserving a spot at the table with us.

Upcoming Open Door dates:

Most Fridays in February and March, 2019

Most Fridays from March through May, 2019

Note that we are typically unable to make schedule modifications to the Open Door dates, so please plan your travel accordingly.