From a seedling in a nursery bursting out of the earth’s soil to a warm cup welcoming the potential a new day can bring—coffee’s very nature seems to be ingrained with the notion of progress. At Cafe Imports, we take our morning coffee as an important symbol of the work we set out to accomplish throughout every day.

As one of our driving principles, we strive to make progress in every aspect of our work: strengthening community, developing quality, and practicing environmental responsibility. Great coffee doesn’t end with the harvest, with the roast, or even with the brew—we recognize that every step along a coffee’s timeline from seed to cup is a sign of its progress, something we try to emulate in the business that we do and the lives that we lead. The demand for quality coffee offers an opportunity to collaborate and create momentum together along the supply chain, from seed to cup. We look forward to discovering where this forward progress will lead, but we are also dedicated to engaging with and enjoying the journey in the meantime.

At the end of each year, we take a collective breath and look back over how well we have lived up to our mission, stayed true to our values, and kept up focus on the guiding principles that inspire and motivate us here at Cafe Imports: Quality, Service, Education, and Progress. “Progress” is a key word, as it implies not simply sustaining, but moving forward, pushing the limits of quality and performance and making sure that we are never content to rest at “good enough.”

We aim for constant progress with regards to community, development, and environment, and we are proud to share annual reports on our engagement and vision in these three categories—all of which can be viewed below.

We welcome feedback and questions about it and future progress; feel free to e-mail with your thoughts.