Our People


Rachel Ackermann

Sensory Analysis Assistant

Rachel is Minnesota born and bred, and she grew up in the small industrial town of Bayport. She’s always up for an adventure (and full of curiosity), and spent her summers going to horse camp, spending time in her grandma’s garden, and climbing trees. 

Rachel received her bachelor’s degree in Classics with a concentration in Latin. She is passionate about archeology and art history, and spent a semester in Rome where she lived minutes (!!) from the Pantheon, her all-time favorite architectural work. Rachel marveled at the world around her as she spent her days walking the smooth cobblestones along the Tiber, pizza slice and Peroni beer in hand. Now that she’s back in Minnesota, she takes whatever free time is available to tweak future travel itineraries in her Google doc.

In 2012, Rachel first got intro to coffee at a specialty coffee shop in Saint Peter, Minn. The thing that impressed her was the attention that the operators of the shop gave to the education of their baristas. During her first coffee cupping ever, it happened! Cue “This Magic Moment” by Jay and the Americans—for Rachel had discovered her first Natural process Ethiopian coffee that tasted of blueberries. Love was in the air!

After graduation, Rachel spent some time at a jewelry shop in Oakdale, Minn., where she learned the art of data entry and cataloguing materials. Feeling restless after about a year, she kept finding herself in specialty-coffee shops around the Twin Cities gazing longingly at the shiny veneer of a Synesso or La Marzoco espresso machine. Rachel got back into the life of a barista: She managed a coffee cart at a farmers market in 2017 and helped open a coffee shop in Bayfield in 2018. Rachel had deeper questions about coffee, however, and being a barista didn’t allow for her to pursue those questions to the depth that she desired.

Rachel found her home at Cafe Imports in the Sensory department in 2019 and is thrilled to be finally getting some answers (and more questions) to those burning questions she’s had since that first crazy cupping.

In her spare time, you can find Rachel hanging out with her cat and watching Netflix, practicing her nail-tech skills on her roommate, and eating with friends.

You can follow her on Instagram at @coffeerachelmeow.