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Our sourcing trips are for coffee buyers and roasters who are interested in making or maintaining buying relationships in certain coffee-growing areas or with particular producing partners, through connections and introductions facilitated by Cafe Imports.

These trips are led by our green-coffee-buying team and a “CME” (Country Matter Expert) from our sales team, with additional support from our customer-service and/or marketing department. They occur as a part of our regular development and purchasing cycle throughout the year: Roasters and green-coffee buyers are invited to accompany us as we make our own purchasing plans, and to use the opportunity to work closely with Cafe Imports and with our producer partners.  

Attendees on our sourcing trips not only have the opportunity to secure some of the world’s finest coffees before they leave the country of production, but also to experience first-hand the implementation of our stratified coffee-buying model, and to explore coffee quality and development through cupping and calibration. These trips facilitate the creation and maintenance of relationships between coffee buyers and producers directly, and can lead to long-term commitments that open worlds of possibility.

(We also offer exciting opportunities to source coffee through our Coffee Auctions.)

While some basic knowledge of coffee production and buying is helpful for these trips, it is not necessary to have vast experience traveling to coffee-growing areas or negotiating forward contracts in order to join us.

Space for on our coffee buying trips is limited, especially depending on location and trip itinerary; contact our team to reserve your spot on our upcoming sourcing-focused Resource trips.