WCR Check-Off Fund Participation

We know that what seems like small change at first really adds up, and we believe that every little bit helps. So do our friends at World Coffee Research, who have established a check-off fund in order to allow roasters of all sizes to contribute to the future of specialty coffee, pennies at a time. We welcome all of our roaster partners to participate in the World Coffee Research check-off fund, through green-coffee purchases made with Cafe Imports.
The check-off fund is a voluntary program established by WCR in collaboration with participating importing companies: Any interested customer can decide to have at least one half of one penny ($0.005) added to the price per pound of any coffee purchased through Cafe Imports. (Roasters can also choose another amount; many decide to contribute $0.01 per pound.) The total contribution per sale is calculated and included as a line item on a roaster’s invoice; the funds are tracked and collected by Cafe Imports and remitted directly to WCR on a quarterly basis. Participation is completely optional and as easy as filling the form on the bottom of this page or contacting your sales representative.
World Coffee Research was established in 2012 as a result of the realization by many in the coffee industry that there was a huge need for a global body of research, and that the coffee sector needed to develop strategies to respond to obstacles that are particularly affecting producers worldwide. WCR is a joint effort among researchers, coffee companies, and in many cases national and international institutions, with a mission to discover and disseminate meaningful and practical data about coffee production through intensive and intentional scientific research. WCR has proved itself to be an open and transparent resource for facts and figures, extensive variety classification and study, and a means for producers to access not simply intangible knowledge but also actual plant material and farm solutions that provide practical assistance in the field and in the moment.

Register to participate:

If you are a current customer of Cafe Imports and would like to become a contributing roaster to the World Coffee Research check-off fund, or you are interested in becoming a customer and participating, submit the form below and a Cafe Imports representative will be contacting you to get started. The future of coffee will thank you.

WCR North America
(Our default WCR check-off contribution is one half of one penny ($0.005) added to price per pound of any coffee purchased through Cafe Imports, however you can opt-in by choosing any amount greater than $0.000 USD)
In the event we receive this form on a date later than your indicated Effective Date (above), please check YES if you would like us to retroactively bill you back to your Effective Date.
(A Cafe Imports representative will be contacting your provided e-mail to confirm registration before your WCR check-off participation is initiated)