Fiesta like it’s 1999. 

The Fiesta De Fin De Cosecha is a post-harvest celebration meant to highlight and honor the hard work that our coffee-producing partners have done throughout the year. At the end of the production cycle—after most of the coffee has been milled and exported, and life slows down a bit for producers—we invite our customers to join us to toast the farms and mills with whom we have partnered, and to break bread together at a catered party in-country. This event provides a wonderful platform for producers to connect and share knowledge with one another in an intimate setting off the farm but still close to home.

We also organize a Coffee Send-Back for these celebrations, inviting our roaster clients to offer bags of their finished product back to the producers who grew those delicious coffees. Giving bags of these special roasted coffees and brewing batches for producers to drink has been an extremely impactful way to close the circle of the supply chain, and a meaningful way for producers to know how their coffee is roasted, prepared, and presented to consumers.

Attendees can expect to network directly with coffee producers and hear first-hand accounts of the challenges and successes they had during this harvest, and to enjoy the amazing opportunity to brew and serve their coffee to the people that grew it. Come celebrate with us!

Note that during our Fiesta De Fin De Cosecha, the harvest is complete, and there is typically no production at this time. However, farm and mill visits are still arranged during the course of these events.

Costa Rica: May 2018 (dates TBA)

Fiesta De Fin De Cosecha

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Fiesta De Fin De Cosecha