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The Open Door program was developed in 2017 to allow our customers to visit our Central American office and lab in San José, Costa Rica. Most Fridays from February through May, guests have the opportunity to walk in to our office and join our Costa Rica–based green-coffee buyer, Luis (“Lucho”) Arocha, to cup coffees and hear about the development work with which we have been involved in Costa Rica. Our producing partners regularly join us for these cuppings, offering unique opportunities for calibration and real-time feedback.

Visitors to our Costa Rica office are able to return home with a better understanding of coffee farming and processing in Costa Rica, as well as to make purchase decisions based on cuppings on-site, and, by request, to potentially arrange visits to various of our producing partners at farms and micromills. Please use the below form to coordinate your visit.

Please note that we are typically unable to make schedule modifications to the Open Door dates, so plan your travel accordingly.

Upcoming Open Door dates:

Costa Rica

 “Having an office in Costa Rica allows us to maintain a tight relationship with all the producers there by living and experiencing their difficulties and successes, while also sharing knowledge and support. Not only do we share risks and rewards, but we share cups of coffee and friendships. For the 2018 harvest, our goals are to continue working with old and new producers, host more customers at our office to bridge long-term relationships, and to continue bringing extraordinary coffees to the world.”

—Luis Arocha, Cafe Imports green-coffee buyer

2018 Open Door Schedule coming soon: Submit the form below to be notified as soon as it is available.  

Luis Arocha
Cafe Imports green-coffee buyer

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