Once removed from our role in the coffee supply chain is the culinary art of roasting. We are motivated by our role connecting roasters to specialty coffees worldwide, and we acknowledge the discerning approach a roaster must take to step up to the roaster and do the coffee justice. The process of becoming a master at the craft of roasting requires practice, discipline, education, and a flexible mind—then repeat.

As coffee importers, we are spoiled with an incredible staff whose experiences reach to all corners of the supply chain, including (but not limited to) coffee roasting. We have a fully functional roasting lab with state-of-the-art equipment, which we use for both internal purposes, as well as for customer education.

We wish to share our roasting knowledge with you through the education materials below. We offer open doors to our roasting lab by appointment with our sales team, and through our Mill City Roasters education partnership.