You're Invited: Resource 2018

Posted on December 17th, 2017

Let’s go to Coffee.

It’s a new year, a new crop, and a whole new selection of opportunities to shrink the distance between your roaster’s hopper and coffee’s source. We at Cafe Imports would like nothing more than to have you join us on our travels into the field (literally) as we seek, study, cup, and source the world’s finest specialty coffees. Throughout the year, we gladly invite our roaster partners along on visits to the producers, mills, and exporters with whom we work year in and year out, to develop personal connections and long-standing relationships, and, of course, to bring home the most delicious coffees we can find.
Sourcing trips make up the bulk of our travel this year and every year, as we spend several days in cupping labs, visiting farms, and speaking directly with producers and exporters about the year’s harvest and what is available for purchase. Experience is not required to attend these trips, but they are designed around roasters’ intent to identify and pre-book coffees for their upcoming menus.
Coffee 101 is open to any student of coffee who is curious, committed, and learns by doing. Brand-new baristas and seasoned roasters alike come away from this trip with new information, insight, and context for coffee production, and we see and taste the entire process up close and personal. No experience necessary; purchasing coffee is not a primary focus, but there will be opportunities to identify and contract lots.
Coffee Auctions are also on the horizon for this year, and we’ll start the auction season with an exploratory trip to El Salvador, in the interest of developing a cupping competition and auction with a group of smallholder producers with whom we have partnered in Chalatenango. This will be our first time pursuing this type of experience in El Salvador, and we’d love to bring a large group of roasters along to build enthusiasm and provide support for the event, which has the potential of directly affecting and improving the lives and the coffees of several dozen farmers.
Visit for more information about the individual trips, and to learn how to reserve your spot in any or all of these upcoming opportunities abroad. We look forward to traveling with you!

First Semester 2018 Resource trips

Coffee 101: Costa Rica
February 5–9

Sourcing: Kenya
February 4–10

Sourcing: Mexico/Guatemala
February 26–March 2

Sourcing: Costa Rica
March 5–9

Sourcing: Costa Rica
March 19–23

Coffee Auctions: Chalatenango Best Cup Discovery
April 2–6

Sourcing: Colombia
June 2018 (Dates TBA)