2023 Progress Report: Now Published

Posted on May 2nd, 2023


Progress Report

In 1993, I founded Cafe Imports. The idea was to talk about the places coffee came from and the people who grew it, making it special and honoring them by paying premium prices. Then, we sought out small, forward-thinking roasters that valued these producers and their coffees. The idea seems commonplace today but was very radical back then.

30 years later, I’m proud to say we are still committed to our original values:

  • Increase the quality of life for those involved—from the tree to the cup—through the commerce of coffee.
  • Decrease our negative impact on the earth through responsible and proactive business practices that emphasize environmental sustainability.
  • Share our passion for great coffee through education and example.

Publishing this Progress Report is one way we can continue working toward being a better company. We are excited to share it with you.

In 2022, we hired 17 new employees. We sourced from 24 countries, 2 of which are new additions. We had 112 active supplier partnerships, of which 26% have been ongoing for over 10 years. We submitted our B-Corp Certification application. Yet, we believe 2023 has the potential for us to make our greatest impact yet.

To all our partner producers, suppliers, and roasters – thank you for 30 years of trust. We are honored to work with dedicated individuals across the world to create a better future of specialty coffee.

-Andrew Miller, Founder