Watch our latest webinar, Meet the Coffee Rose

Posted on June 5th, 2024

Ian, Director of Sensory Analysis, discusses big-picture concepts behind the Rose, how it was built, and how to use it.

Over the past year, the Cafe Imports’ Sensory Team has used the Coffee Rose to evaluate every single coffee sample cupped on our lab’s tables. They’ve dialed it in, made updates upon updates (with more to come), and have finally released it to you.

This free-to-use digital cupping form allows you, a coffee taster, to describe your experience using an intuitive flavor wheel. Don’t worry about assigning a score, the Coffee Rose has that taken care of. You can quickly build a flight, invite others, cup, and share the results with anyone from a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

In this webinar, Ian Fretheim (Director of Sensory Analysis and lead creator of the Coffee Rose) dives into the motivation behind the Rose, how it was created, and, of course, shows you how to use it for your own cuppings. This step-by-step walkthrough includes:

  • How to create a Coffee Rose Account
  • Adding coffees and Flight setup
  • Describing cups with the Rose
  • Notes, Scoring, History, and Defects functionalities
  • Sharing your results
  • Open Q&A

Want to join the next live Coffee Rose webinar? We’ve got another coming up on Thursday, 11th July at 9 am AEST. Hit the button below to register!

Ready to try the Rose for yourself? Create an account here.