Purchase Planning for Large-Scale Roasters Looking to Bolster Their Specialty Program

Cafe Imports was established in 1993, serving roasters in the Twin Cities and the greater Midwest. Our founding team used to drive coffee around in a pickup truck and drop green-coffee bags off at customer’s doors. Their necks and backs are still paying for it, but that bootstrap spirit still drives the company today.

SINCE 1993

Our mission has remained the same:

INCREASE the quality of life for those involved — from the tree to the cup — through the commerce of coffee.

DECREASE our negative impact on the earth through responsible and proactive business practices that emphasize environmental sustainability.

SHARE our passion for great coffee through education and example.


We have always worked with companies of all types, from start-ups to established roasters, and we have always been proud to customize our offerings and service whether you’re buying one bag or a full container, and everything in between.

When we use the word ‘partner,’ we mean it: The roasters who buy from us aren’t just customers, they active participants and supporters in a whole range of programs, initiatives, and quality-focused efforts to improve coffee and to improve all of our lives through that coffee


  • Provide training and resources to develop and/or refine your specialty-coffee program.
  • Offer C-Market hedging services.
  • Provide competitive, tailored market-based purchase support and guidance, which can help you monitor your coffee costs and maximize your purchasing power in a robust global market.
  • Identify and bring to your attention key origins, projects, and partners that may be a good fit for your company.
  • Invite you to contribute to the World Coffee Research check-off fund through your partnership with Cafe Imports. Read more and register to participate at our World Coffee Research check-off fund page.
  • Travel with you to coffee source, and build or identify programs that align with your company mission and values.
  • Handle the necessary logistics whether we’re bringing in coffees for you direct from their source, or shipping from our warehouse spaces around the globe.

Finding the best coffees in the world is our passion, and we are excited to share that passion with you. Whether you’re buying coffees on the spot or planning ahead, whether you roast 100 or 1,000,000 pounds a year (or more), you’re simply a phone call or an e-mail away from personalized, friendly, expert attention and assistance. We can’t wait to grow with you.