Introducing India, Bolivia, & Flores Origin Pages

Posted on February 22nd, 2024

As we continue to add exciting new coffees to our offering list, we believe it is equally important to bolster the digital resources we have supporting the countries we source on the ground in. We recently added origin pages for Bolivia, India, and Flores to our site. These pages are your one-stop-shop for growing region maps, photo libraries, backgrounds of coffee from that origin, and more.


We are very excited about the future of Bolivian coffees and our partnerships there. In the past couple years, we have been working closely with Felix Chambi, a pioneer in the coffee industry in Bolivia and founder of Lata 16, the country’s only SCA-certified sensory lab. Offerings from Bolivia range from Organic and Fair-Trade certified to microlots of all processes and Bird-Friendly certified coffees.


While we have sourced a small amount of Monsoon Malabars from India for the past 25 years, developments in India’s arabica production introduced us to Ashok Patre of Ratnagiri Estate in 2022. Ashok is dedicated to making a name for Indian specialty coffee through improved growing and processing practices. Producers in India are excited to lean more into specialty coffee, and we are looking forward to what’s in store.


We last sourced coffee from Flores around 2010, and the Indonesian coffee industry has changed dramatically since then. Flores’s coffee output has always been lower than other islands in the Indonesian chain, making it lesser known to the specialty consumer than it probably should be. Smallholder farmers come together and with excellent processing and preparation, these coffees reveal the unique flavor experiences from this 5,500-square-mile island. Green Buyer Piero Cristiani has done some incredible development work here alongside these farmers and we have been blown away by the resulting coffee. We are excited to continue connecting with producers, discovering, and cupping Flores coffee.

Find more information, maps, and photos about each origin we source from under the “Origins” tab of the site menu.