Cooperativa RAOS

Regional de Agrícultores Orgánicos de la Sierra

Cooperativa RAOS (Regional de Agrícultores Orgánicos de la Sierra) has been a producer partner of Cafe Imports since 2015, and in addition to sourcing bulked coffees from its core membership of 270 farmers, we source lots from 77 women coffee producers who are active members.

RAOS’s leadership is determined to increase gender equity among its members, specifically with regards to legal complications related to gender-based restrictions on owning farmland, as well as the greater degree of difficulty women often face in security credit and financing before the harvest. Cooperativa RAOS holds regular gender assemblies to discuss the women’s needs as well as to ensure their voices are heard and considered, and the organization also holds educational workshops for its members that are open to all.

The women of Cooperativa RAOS grow a combination of Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, IHCAFE 90, Pacas, and Typica.